Rose A. Oginga

About Rose A. Oginga

A mother a wife and successful entrepreneur in her own right,  She holds a Bachelor’s in education and. Master of Science in leadership over 20 years of experience in leadership and mentorship, over 10 years of nursing and coaching experience. Rose plays a big role in connecting with many as a diaspora and understands the aspect of coaching to many to bring changes in one’s life for the better. The need to meet others more during the pandemic COVID 19 situation via health and personal growth understands the power partnership aspect of working as a team. Personal statement: I strongly believe in providing the best of us to the degree of allowing individuals to thrive a be successful am passionate to give the best approach.

Business Training

If you have a startup or thinking of starting a business, it is important that you have the right guidance in ensuring you have all the tools necessary to be successful. At Designed4Sucesss you will find a coach to guide you through every step and help answer tough questions.

Private Coaching

I truly believe that we are endowed with gifts within us. These gifts need someone to dig them out and my role is to help you navigate the process of unearthing these wonders. It will take you and I to succeed.


Designed4success help bring Diaspora families development in financial literacy advocacy, leadership, and entrepreneurship with a purpose. This has provided for a close networking opportunity for all through the highest level of leadership and partnership.  Ms. Rose is the founder and CEO of IHOPEE, an international organization that engages in mentorship programs. For the youth and women Entrepreneurs, Is engaged in Networking with the Kenyans and other communities of through women and youth programs.